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20 Stuffed!
In a battle for NFC bragging rights, San Francisco halted Dallas in its tracks
by Rick Telander

32 Two for the Road
The Rams and the Raiders may flee, leaving Los Angeles pro football-less
by Richard Hoffer

40 Bear Tracks
Sure, Auburn is unbeaten, but Terry Bowden's sights are set on bigger game
by S.L. Price

56 Haunting Vision
Knick rookie Monty Williams plays despite a potentially fatal heart ailment
by Tim Layden

62 Don't Look Now
For Lou Holtz and Notre Dame, a sorry season got worse against Florida State
by Tim Layden

72 Nasty Little Devil
In this 1981 SI Classic the author tracks down an unpleasant creature
by Bil Gilbert


7 Faces in the Crowd
9 Letters
13 Scorecard
50 Sports People
86 Boxing
93 Inside College Football
96 Point After

Cover Photograph by Peter Read Miller



Picket's Charge: During the Four on Four challenge, staged last week by locked out NHL players, Garry Galley (3) found himself seemingly fenced in by a wall of other skaters.