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20 Ghost Busters
If you're Tom Osborne looking for a first title, who you gonna call? Tommie Frazier
by S.L Price

34 Slaying Them Slowly
Surprising Cleveland is winning cavalierly: by lulling NBA foes to sleep
by Phil Taylor

42 The Last Ride
A treacherous surfing site claimed the life of um big-wave hero Mark Foo
by Richard Hoffer

46 Showdown
In a rare clash of NFL legends, Dan Marino outplayed Joe Montana
by Michael Silver

52 The Face
Coach Bill Cowher's mug—like his Steelers—is beloved in Pittsburgh
by Tim Crothers

58 Ball of Confusion
With court battles looming and a salary cap, till baseball spins out of control
by Tim Kurkjian

64 Split Personalities
Between the Nortons, even the strongest family bonds can be broken
by Leigh Montville


9 Letters
12 Faces in the Crowd
15 Scorecard
78 Inside the NBA
82 Inside College Basketball
84 Point After

Cover Photograph by Robert Rogers



Knockdown: Nebraska's Barron Miles (14) went high to bat away this pass intended for Miami's Yatil Green in the Huskers' national championship-clinching victory (page 20).