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January 30, 1995 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Coming to America, Part II

England's Nick Faldo has rejoined the PGA Tour in hopes of regaining his spot atop the world rankings

By Jaime Diaz


The Sweet Spot

The center of clubmaking in the U.S. is a California coastal town that has become home to the industry's brain trust

By Jaime Diaz


From rank amateurs to top pros, frustrated golfers have turned the flat-stick industry into a $182 million business

By Rick Lipsey

Super Seller

Marketing wiz Jan Thompson is a hard-driving woman in a man's world

By Douglas S. Looney

The Truth Is in the Bag

All too often touring pros endorse one club model but play another

By Tim Rosaforte

Spoiled Stars

Bad Actors

The growing number of selfish and spoiled players are hurting their teams and marring the NBA's image

By Phil Taylor


Wings of Hope

With a new goalie and stronger defense, Detroit thinks this could be its year

By Austin Murphy

College Basketball

Duke Takes A Dive

The absence of Mike Krzyzewski has hastened the Blue Devils' fall

By Tim Crothers


The Daily Double

Saturday it was Kyle Rasmussen, Sunday it was Picabo Street as the U.S. soared in the downhill

By Christian Stone


Going for The Green

Huge appearance fees lured six of the globe's top golfers to a tournament in Dubai

By Rick Reilly

Super Bowl Preview XXIX

What If...

...San Diego were to control the ball and Steve Young. Then, shades of Super Bowl III, they could upset the mighty 49ers

By Paul Zimmerman

Best Shot

Charger hopes for an upset rest largely with pass rusher extraordinaire Leslie O'Neal

By Peter King

On a Roll

John Taylor, the 49ers' other wide receiver, quietly has bowled over the NFL. Now he's making noise about taking on other worlds

By Michael Silver


The host city of Super Bowl XXIX has come a long way since it staged the riot-marred NFL title game in 1989. But its greatest asset is still its greatest liability: a unique variety of people who unite for sports but little else

By S.L. Price


College Basketball

By Tim Crothers

Point After

Anabolics? Zamfir?

Here's a quiz that will test your knowledge of the Super Bowl, from A to Z

By Gerry Callahan




By Alexander Wolff