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22 Superb!
Unsurprisingly, the 49ers ran over the Chargers to win a record fifth Super Bowl
by Rick Telander

42 Sweet Music
Bidding for and breaking NBA records, the unsung Jazz is hitting the top of the charts
by John Garrity

46 Beauty and Baldy
Mary Pierce, who cut her cares, and Andre Agassi, who cut his hair, came up big Down Under
by Sally Jenkins

52 Smooth and Nutty
The Ruelas boys, Gabe and Rafael, have grown into a pair of sweet fighters
by Franz Lidz

62 The Philadelphia Story
The City of Brotherly Love is site of a sizzling sibling rivalry of six NCAA contenders
by Jack McCallum

68 Attitude for Sale
Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR's new king, has parlayed his bad-boy image into a gold mine
by Ed Hinton


8 Letters
13 Faces in the Crowd
15 Scorecard
79 Inside the NBA
82 Inside the NHL
88 Point After

Cover Photograph by Peter Read Miller



Necktie Party: Niner cornerback Eric Davis probably found game preparation more of a stretch than playing the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX (page 22).