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30 Dream On
Sorting through big league wannabes is as futile as efforts to end the strike
by Tim Kurkjian

36 A Touch of Magic
Anfernee Hardaway's uncanny court vision and passing evoke Magic Johnson
by Phil Taylor

44 Out of Joint
Women's basketball suffers from an epidemic of torn knee ligaments
by Jack McCallum

54 Waves of Grief
A coach's dream year is shattered by the deaths of his ex-wife and daughter
by Michael Silver

62 A Duck's Tale
NHL newcomer Paul Kariya could live happily ever after in Anaheim
by Leigh Montville

70 Diary of a Student-Athlete
Meet Kansas's Jacque Vaughn and say bye-bye to notions of spoiled jocks
by Jack McCallum

80 Pryor Restraint
The life of ex-champ, ex-addict Aaron Pryor is again full of promise
by John Ed Bradley


18 Letters
22 Faces in the Crowd
25 Scorecard
76 College Football
98 Point After

Cover Photograph by John W. McDonough



The Golfing Gourmet: Comedian Bill Murray, hungry for laughs while playing in last week's Pebble Beach Pro-Am, not only disported himself in a "green" tam but also displayed an appetite for getting spectators involved.