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While exploring the rain forest, pristine beaches and mountain resorts, our raven-haired beauties add to the exotic flavor of Latin America's hottest new destination

Hair and makeup by Giorgio Baroni at Lewis Van Arnam (N.Y.C.), Pam Geiger for MCM Salon, François Ilnseher

Patricia Velasquez can paddle but she can't hide, even though her camouflage suit by Roxy ($60) and tropical-fruit lei by Monika Tilley ($200) blend in with the jungle terrain of Quepos.

Brace yourself! Stacey Williams tugs at your heartstrings while wearing a suspender suit by Shok ($28)—and optional T-shirt—poolside at Villa Caletas in Jaco.

Ashe flies across the beach of the Faro Escondido resort, Patricia makes like Peter Pan with no strings attached—except those on a bikini by Darling Rio ($42).

Stacey tries to palm herself off as a woman of mystery at casa de Jaime in Dominical. But her bikini by Darling Rio ($54) leaves scant few of her secrets unrevealed.

There's laughter in the rafters as Roberta Little cavorts in a pavilion at the Selva Verde Lodge in Chilamate, wearing a suit ($90) and sarong/scarf ($50) by Bendigo.

Rising refreshed out of a verdant pool located below a waterfall in Dominical, Yasmeen gives pause in a bikini designed by Nicole Miller ($75).

In a bikini with a triangle top by Bendigo ($55), Patricia adds an intriguing touch of trigonometry to the lush jungle setting of the pool at Villa Caletas.

Ingrid Seynhaeve is definitely on the fringe in a string bikini and skirt by Monika Tilley ($135), but even she can't make a splash in this pool on Damas Isle. Yasmeen's friend comes up short on the porch at Bella Vista Lodge, while she stands tall in a crocheted bikini by Mossimo ($72).

Swing by the Selva Verde Lodge for some pillow talk with Roberta, who can tell you a thing or two about thongs—like this one in a floral print by Darling Rio ($48).

Ingrid gets her back up—against a palm—on Damas Isle, but she's keeping her cool in a mini-check bikini ($70) and matching cotton pareo ($68) by Calvin Klein.

Indian royalty or maillot model? Talisa Soto reigns over Río Baru in golden regalia by Gottex ($232). And another cause for reflection: Where does one begin—or end—when describing Stacey in a monokini by Darling Rio ($70) as she crosses the pool at Villa Caletas?

As the sun slowly sets behind her perch at Faro Escondido, Stacey, in a gold-colored maillot by Macarena Guttierez ($80), says adiós for us all, if you get her drift.