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20 Back from the Depths
Maryland is a basketball power again, ending a long decline
by Jack McCallum

26 Queen for a Day
Nicole Bobek surprisingly reigned at the figure skating nationals
by Johnette Howard

32 Dead Serious
Tour funnyman Peter Jacobsen is playing the best golf of his life
by Jaime Diaz

40 A Whole New Tack
Shelley Beattie and Dawn Riley lead the all-female America3 crew
by Kelly Whiteside

48 February Frenzy
The four days of NBA All-Star madness even included a game
by Leigh Montville

58 Seems like Old Times
A new generation of stellar goaltenders has emerged in the NHL
by E.M. Swift

70 Basking in Bermuda, Captivated by Costa Rica
The swimsuit set follows the sun to a divergent pair of resorts
by Jule Campbell

90 The Only Way to Go
Our intrepid scooterborne reporter took Bermuda by storm
by Kelly Whiteside

130 Like Fish out of Water
Costa Rica was, for one bedeviled party of fishermen, a paradise lost
by E.M. Swift

152 Stormin' Mormons
Coach Roger Reid and sons make BTU basketball a family affair
by Austin Murphy

156 Terrible Two
Tennis's Gigi Fernandez and Natasha Zvereva are a match
by Sally Jenkins

164 Donnelly's Arm
Irish boxing champ Dan Donnelly died in 1820, but his limb endures
by Alien Abel

174 The General Whose Army Never Wins
While losing to the Globetrotters, Red Klotz won over the world
by Tim Crothers


8 Letters
11 Faces in the Crowd
13 Scorecard
146 Sports People
186 Inside the NHL
191 Inside High School Basketball
194 Inside the NFL
196 Point After

Cover Photograph by Mike Reinhardt



Sheer Magic: Rebecca Romijn (left) and Angie Everhart cast their spell on the strand at Bermuda's Warwick Long Bay in outfits by Gideon Oberson—a $74 beach dress for Rebecca and an $86 miniskirted two-piece suit for Angie. On the cover, Daniela's shirt and string bikini by Gottex ($180) fit her to a tee.