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16 The High Price of Hard Living
Life in the fast lane cost Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden dearly
by Tom Verducci

36 Heart and Soul
Wendel Clark has brought far more than scoring to the Nordiques
by Michael Farber

46 A Show of Hands
Two wins lifted UCLA's hopes that this year's Bruins won't fold
by Tim Crothers

52 The Last Lap
Speed skater Bonnie Blair won the world crown in her final U.S. event
by Steve Rushin

60 Looks Like a Star
In outboxing John John Molina, Oscar De La Hoya boosted his stock
by Richard Hotter

62 Dale's Sad Tale
Sterling Martin again defeated Dale Earnhardt in the Daytona 500
by Ed Hinton

68 Get Me Out of Here
The CBA is the way back to the NBA for ex-No. 1 picks—they hope
by Gerry Callahan


4 Letters
5 Faces in the Crowd
9 Scorecard
74 Inside College Hockey
78 Inside the NBA
80 Point After

Cover Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.



Hail to the Chiefs: This presidential trio formed something of a foresome while playing together at the Bob Hope Desert Classic, in which George Bush and Gerald Ford bopped spectators with shots and Bill Clinton fired a generously scored 93.