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Original Issue


Power Forwards

Today's up-and-comers go one-on-one against some frontline
giants from the past

The Pick-and-Roll

Everyone does it. No one can stop it. What's the secret of the
NBA's most basic play?

Michael's Moment

Shot by shot: Jordan's magical 55-point return last March to
Madison Square Garden

Scouting Reports

We pick the Bulls to beat the Suns in the Finals, but look out
for surprises along the way


Is Rodman this year's Drexler?
Shoes fit for big feet
Sam Cassell talks the talk

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BILL FRAKES Rim Shot Kevin Willis (left) and Billy Owens of the Heat and Danny Ferry of the Cavaliers prepared to battle for a rebound as the season opened for Miami and Cleveland and the NBA's 27 other teams (page 50). [T of C]

COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES Cav Bobby Phills (14) was between the rock and a hard place inthe season-opening loss to Orlando. [Bobby Phills's head caught between basketball and Orlando Magic player's elbow]