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Dec. 18, 1960, is not exactly a landmark date in running back
John David Crow's memory. Winning the Heisman Trophy at Texas
A&M, playing in four Pro Bowls, serving as athletic director at
his alma mater--when stacked up against these mountains of
achievement, his best rushing day as a pro seems merely a
molehill. "It was kind of shocking when my secretary told me you
were calling about that game," says Crow.

Yet 35 years later, the day Crow carried 24 times for 203 yards
in St. Louis's 38-7 rout of Pittsburgh is worth commemorating
because it remains the only 200-yard rushing performance in
Cardinal history. "The Cardinals sent me their media guide a few
years back, and I said, 'My gosh, I can't believe that's still a
record,'" says Crow. "I didn't even realize it was a record when
I was playing."

Crow's coach at A&M, Bear Bryant, once said that watching Crow
run was like watching a grown man play with boys. Though three
of his first six NFL seasons were cut short due to injury, Crow
completed his 11-year pro career with 4,963 yards rushing, 3,699
yards receiving and 73 touchdowns. After retiring in 1968, Crow
tried his hand at coaching, first as an assistant under Bryant
at Alabama and eventually as the head man at Northeast Louisiana
(making him the first Heisman winner to coach at a major
college). Crow returned to his alma mater as associate athletic
director in 1983 and served as athletic director from 1988 to
'93. Today he remains on the Aggie staff as the director of
athletic development.

Crow turned 60 in July, and with five grandchildren and various
business interests to keep track of, he doesn't dwell on a
highlight from 35 years ago. Still, he notes that it's nice to
be remembered once in a while. "I'd be lying if I didn't say it
feels good when someone recognizes me," says Crow, who attended
the Heisman Trophy festivities in New York last Saturday. "It's
been a pretty good trip."

--Seth Davis