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One person was killed and at least 65 others were injured by an
explosion during a musical performance in Centennial Olympic
Park at about 1:20 this morning. The blast, which the FBI
confirmed was caused by an explosive device, occurred near a
five-story tower that houses sound, video and light equipment
for a concert stage located a few hundred yards from the corner
of Techwood Drive and Baker Street.

According to Andrew Kastner, a member of the band Jack Mack and
the Heart Attacks, which was on stage at the time, a sound
engineer spotted a suspicious paper bag in front of the tower,
looked inside and alerted a nearby police officer. The police
immediately began clearing the tower, which has a spectator
viewing area on the second level.

Moments later an explosion, which could be felt several blocks
away, knocked down hundreds of revelers and sent shrapnel flying
into the crowd. "We were across the street, like a hundred feet
away, and you could feel the winds come across," said Greg
Addison of Atlanta. "There was a girl with blood on her chest.
I ran up to the stage, and the corner of the stage was blown to

"We saw a man who had blood all over his face," said Ed Deckert,
who was in the park with his wife, Meg. "We were trying to help
a man who looked like he had a spike of metal coming out of his

"This huge puff of smoke came up, and three people were on the
ground in this pool of blood." said Terry Tyson of Atlanta.
"Then everybody started pushing us."

"I heard this boom, and I thought it might be fireworks like at
the stadium," said Patrick Hizel of Fayetteville, Ark., who had
his back to the stage. "Then I turned around and this guy had
blood on his face. And everyone started running and everyone
started pushing."

Shortly after the blast emergency vehicles began racing to the
park, and two hours later they were still streaming into
downtown Atlanta from surrounding communities.