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Since learning on Jan. 28 that he hadn't been named to the
Eastern Conference All-Star squad, Bucks forward Glenn Robinson
has averaged 17.8 points on 41.9% shooting (compared with 22.0
points on 48.6% shooting before that date). Not even a pep talk
from Packers defensive end and Super Bowl hero Reggie White, who
took the Big Dog aside in the training room before a recent home
game, has helped. Robinson has been getting an earful lately
from the Bradley Center crowds, who apparently feel that while
17 points a game might be enough production from the Packers,
it's not enough from a guy making $68 million.... Don't expect
Larry Brown to step down as coach of the 25-28 Pacers, even if
he had been talking like a man who has had enough. Brown notes
that his wife, Shelly, is pregnant; that his son, L.J., is ready
to enroll in pre-school; and that he has recently added on to
his house in suburban Indianapolis.... Kings guard Mitch
Richmond has been on a tear over the last 14 games, averaging
30.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 5.7 assists. He partially credits
the surge to eating the same lunch every day: a tuna-fish
sandwich and a bowl of soup.... Which player has the ugliest
jumper in the NBA? While the Heat rides teammate John Crotty
about his southpaw shot, which he cocks at his left shoulder and
releases from the side of his head, Clippers coach Bill Fitch
counters with the J of his own backup center, righty Charles
Outlaw, whose shooting arm flaps like a wing as he releases the
ball across his body. "If he did the same thing with his left
arm," Fitch says, "he could fly."... One reason the Mavericks'
rail-thin 7'6" center, Shawn Bradley, never bulked up while
playing for New Jersey was that he was afraid to venture into
the Nets' crowded weight room. According to forward Jayson
Williams, coach John Calipari said Bradley "could come in early
and work in the weight room by himself if he didn't want the
other players to find out how weak he was."... Blazers guard
Kenny Anderson wears number 7 in honor of childhood hero Nate
Archibald. This season Anderson has played a lot like Tiny. At
week's end he led the team in scoring (18.1), assists (6.8) and
steals (1.9), while providing much-needed leadership in the
locker room.... Pistons point guard Lindsey Hunter, on what it's
like to play Florida's teams back-to-back: "Two nights, two
Hardaways, two All-Stars. That's the challenge."... With an
average age of 30.4, the Rockets are older than every team in
the league but the Bulls and the Sonics, so when a crew recently
visited Houston's new training facility to paint lines in the
parking lot, forward Matt Bullard, 29, took its handiwork
personally. "I know we're an old team," Bullard said. "But do we
really need six handicap spaces?"... By grabbing 18 rebounds in
a 92-89 victory over Toronto on Feb. 16, Grant Hill matched the
career highs of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.... Jazz vice
president of basketball operations Scott Layden, on why there's
a flurry of activity right at the close of the trading deadline:
"It's like high school and cramming for the last exam; it's like
Christmas and waiting until the last minute to shop; it's like
Valentine's Day and ordering flowers the day of--there's a
deadline coming up, and everybody pushes it right to the end."
Nice to know NBA executives are just like the rest of us.

COLOR PHOTO: TOM LYNN The Big Dog has been in a big funk since he was passed over for the All-Star team. [Glenn Robinson in game]




Suns forward Wayman Tisdale is an accomplished bass guitar
player. His jazz band, The Fifth Quarter, has released two CDs
and opened for such headliners as Anita Baker and the Isley
Brothers. Here are his favorite jazz clubs.

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