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The Vince Lombardi Trophy is back where it truly belongs.


Thanks for the terrific coverage of Super Bowl XXXI (Return to
Glory, Feb. 3). The Packers had to overcome numerous obstacles
in their pursuit of a 12th NFL title, including the league's
toughest schedule and several devastating injuries to offensive
MATT AMODEO, Burtonsville, Md.

How about a little respect for those "cocky" Patriots who you
picked to finish fourth in their division yet made it to the
Super Bowl?
SCOTT C. DAY, Grantham, N.H.

You describe the Packers' triumph as a victory over the cocky
Patriots, but it was the Packers that I saw duckwalking into the
end zone, doing extravagant end zone dances and talking trash.
MIKE DWYER, Freedom, Pa.

Where's Reggie? I can't believe you had photos of Desmond
Howard, Brett Favre, Antonio Freeman, Andre Rison, even LeRoy
Butler making a sack, and no picture of Reggie White, who
established a Super Bowl record of three sacks.

I was glad that Desmond Howard received the MVP award. It was
good to see it given to a special teams player who truly
deserved it.

Desmond Howard's classless acts after his returns turned me into
a Patriots fan. To add insult to injury, he gets the MVP award.
I hope Vince Lombardi wasn't watching, or he'd be turning in his
ART CATTANO, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Bill Parcells's behavior during the week before the Super Bowl
was out of line. I am sorry that he took attention away from his
team, but it was not the Patriots who were blathering or cocky.
They are hardworking players who deserved respect for reaching
the big game.
LOUIS G. LEONARD III, Brookline, Mass.

Parcells may be an egomaniac, but he gave full credit to the
Packers players and coaches for their victory.
ROGER F. ASSAD, Medfield, Mass.


As soon as I finished reading about the newly discovered primate
in the Amazon jungle (You Looking for Me?, Feb. 3), I could
imagine the anguished screams from various sports nuts: "This
isn't sports!" they'll holler in their barrage of letters to SI.
Well, here's one sports nut saying, "Well done." So what if the
article didn't have a score or a speed or a world record. The
topic was far more significant than Dennis Rodman's latest
RICH GOTSHALL, Franklin, Ind.

How could you waste space in a sports magazine on a story that
should be in National Geographic? About a monkey that has yet to
sign a contract with any team. Somebody please get a clue!
JOE DUNA, Quakertown, Pa.


Thank you for the early valentine to Buffalo in your Feb. 10
issue. There not only was a feature on the enterprising Sabres
and their unexpected rise to NHL prominence this season (Dressed
to Thrill) but also Peter King's moving tribute to the Bills'
ultimate warrior, Jim Kelly (Point After). For a city that has
absorbed more than its share of knocks during the years, it was
a welcome treat.
J.E MCBEE, Lewiston, N.Y.

My compliments to Peter King for giving one of the greatest
all-around quarterbacks the recognition he deserves. Jim Kelly's
retirement marked the exit of someone rare today--an athlete
with class and dedication to his team. I don't know that I could
have watched Kelly dressed in a uniform other than the Bills'.
KEVIN KUBACH, Alpharetta, Ga.

While King feels Kelly's induction into the Hall of Fame is
probable, I found it troubling that he would reserve judgment
because he feels there should not be five or six guys who played
the same position in the same era in the Hall. Greatness is
greatness, and Kelly should not be penalized because he competed
with the likes of John Elway, Dan Marino and Joe Montana.
PATRICK ROCHE, Hudson Falls, N.Y.

The only way Kelly could be more of a shoo-in for the Hall of
Fame would be if his name were John Elway or Dan Marino. Kelly
did not approach the prolific passing numbers put up by these
two because he didn't have to. In Thurman Thomas, he had a
future Hall of Fame running back behind him, a luxury neither
Elway nor Marino enjoyed.
PAUL STUKUS, Ann Arbor, Mich.

COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES Drew Bledsoe fell victim to White's record for Super sacks. [Reggie White tackling Drew Bledsoe]