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Aside from the presence of five future Hall of Famers on the
court, here's a good reason to pull for a Bulls-Rockets NBA
Finals: It would match the team with the sharpest uniforms
(Chicago) against the team with the ugliest (Houston).

That was the result of this week's poll, which asked voters to
identify the league's strongest fashion statements. Ten teams
received at least one vote for the best, led by Chicago with
six. The voters especially liked the clean, pinstriped black
uniform the Bulls wear on the road. The Celtics, with their
traditional look, finished second with five votes, and the Magic
got four. Respondents also liked the Jazz's and the Pistons'
getups, though these teams were among the 10 getting votes for
worst uniform, too. (One coach cited the "god-awful mountains"
on Utah's jerseys.)

But Houston's busy red, white and blue outfit--with what one
general manager called "that George Jetson rocket on it"--was
named the league's biggest eyesore by 11 of 25 voters. "I can't
believe they didn't keep the old uniforms after two straight
championships," said another G.M., citing the cleaner look
Houston sported while winning titles in '93-94 and '94-95. "Why
would you change?"