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TOM LEHMAN: He lasted seven days as No. 1 before Greg Norman
reclaimed the crown with his second in Madrid.

HALE IRWIN: On a roll with two straight wins, his 69.65 average
is a half stroke less than that of the next best Senior, David

SEVE BALLESTEROS: He finally admitted last week that he might
pick himself for the Ryder Cup team.

FUZZY ZOELLER: "I'm a jokester. I just didn't deliver the line
well." No kidding.

GOLF DIGEST'S TOP 100: The Ten Commandments change more

DAVIS LOVE III: He breezed through two matches to win the U.S.
title in the Andersen Championship while younger runner-up Phil
Mickelson was dead on his feet.

AROUND THE WORLD GOLF TRIP: 12 courses in 22 days, via the
Concorde, all for just $49,000.

TIGER'S TRAIL: He made tracks to his own Planet Hollywood....
Chose Cancun over the Prez....Hooked up with Michael Jordan and
Oprah in Chicago....Made the cover of Fortune and tabloid
headlines in London....Picked out a private jet....Flew to Nike
headquarters in Oregon to okay an all-red line of
clothes....Then hung out on the set with Kevin Costner. No
wonder Fuzzy couldn't get ahold of him.