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HALE IRWIN: Last week, after he had won for the fourth time this
year, we wondered if anyone could beat him. On Sunday, when he
shot 75 in the Bruno's Memorial, we learned that Hale Irwin could.

WOODS VERSUS CLINTON: Polls show Tiger with a 77% public
approval rating, while the President is at 53%. Wonder what the
23% have against the kid?

EARL WOODS: The Dr. Spock of Jock, he's on the stump promoting
his book, Training a Tiger.

DAVID DUVAL: He no longer fades in the fourth round. In Houston
he went south on Saturday.

GREG NORMAN: The Shark accused Jumbo Ozaki of improving his lie
during the final round of last week's Chunichi Crowns tournament
in Aichi, Japan. Unperturbed, Ozaki still won.

THE DU MAURIER: The LPGA major could go up in smoke if
antitobacco legislation passes in Canada.

KULTIDA WOODS: "Tiger doesn't even know what collard greens
are." So much for a Stanford education.

JOHN DALY: Wilson sent its troubled pitchman a Dear John letter
but gets style points for sticking with him this long.