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Saturday 5/17

McDonald's LPGA Championship

Despite recently having signed a contract (terms: four years,
$4) with the Myrtle Beach Sea Dawgs, a men's minor league soccer
team, 1996 LPGA Player of the Year Laura Davies (right) will
return to the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington, Del., to defend
her title. (She also won here in '94 and finished second in
'95.) Davies, perhaps the longest hitter in the history of
women's golf and fourth on this year's money list with $258,171,
took no shots on net while playing approximately five minutes at
center forward in her Sea Dawgs debut last month. A year ago
Davies's soccer ardor moved her to watch, on a handheld TV, a
match between her native England and Spain--between shots during
the final round of a tournament. "It was the European
Championship," Davies, 33, explained, "and I had a five-shot

Preakness Stakes

There was Silver Charm behaving like a 3-year-old again. During
a training ride at Pimlico last Thursday, the Kentucky Derby
winner stopped on a dime, throwing exercise rider Larry Damore
head over horse onto the track. Heigh-ho, Silver Charm, away!
Even with less of Damore, the colt still carries the burden of
attempting to become the first horse to win the first two legs
of the Triple Crown since Sunday Silence did in 1989. Captain
Bodgit, who placed at Churchill Downs, has the best chance to
derail Silver Charm's quest.
ABC, 4:30 PM

Sunday 5/18

Rangers at Flyers

Philadelphia left wing John LeClair is one of two NHL players
(the other is Teemu Selanne) to score at least 50 goals this
season and possess a name that sounds like a dessert. However,
frequent Flyer fans know their Stanley Cup hopes rest upon the
Broad Street shoulders of 6'4" center Eric Lindros (88). In Game
2 of the Eastern Conference finals the New York Rangers may
bully Lindros as they did in an April 7 win. (He retaliated and
was suspended for two games.) Things could get messy. And Messier.

NBA Draft Lottery

What if they staged a lottery and the lucky winner lost millions
of dollars? Welcome to the NBA Draft Lottery, which takes place
at halftime of an NBA playoff doubleheader. Thirteen proven
losers, 1996-97's nonplayoff teams, will each send a
representative to the Seacaucus, N.J., home of NBA Entertainment
in hopes that the Ping-Pong ball bounces their way. First prize:
the top pick in the June 25 draft, which most likely will be
Wake Forest center Tim Duncan. (The Boston Celtics, who finished
at 15-67, have the most balls in the hopper and thus have the
best chance of landing Duncan--and of paying him $2.267
million.) The last No. 1 overall choice of a nonplayoff team who
took his team to the playoffs as a rookie was Magic Johnson of
the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thursday 5/22

Breaking Through: Women Behind the Wheel

If you think that the history of women and speed begins with
Penelope Pitstop and ends with Sandra Bullock, sit your chassis
down. Geena Davis, who went from zero to the bottom of the Grand
Canyon in the closing seconds of Thelma & Louise, hosts this
absorbing special on auto racing's distaff drivers. Janet
Guthrie, the first female to compete in the Indianapolis 500;
Lyn St. James, Rookie of the Year at Indy in '92; and dragster
queen Shirley (Cha Cha) Muldowney are among those who
vroom-vroom through.

Friday 5/23

Braves at Dodgers

The answer: Los Angeles catcher Mike Piazza. The question: Who
appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy recently and crushed the
opposition--Packer Reggie White and Baywatch's Donna D'Errico?
"It was challenging," says Piazza (below), "but it wasn't like
there was a lot of pressure." On to a new category, Mike:
Atlanta. A: Major league-record 19. Q: How many games did
Atlanta win in April? A: Jeff Blauser. Q: At week's end, who was
first in the league in hitting (.402) but batting sixth in the
Braves' order?
TBS, 10:05 PM

All times Eastern. Schedules are subject to change.

COLOR PHOTO: ROBERT BECK [Laura Davies golfing]

COLOR PHOTO: DAVID E. KLUTHO [John LeClair in game]

COLOR PHOTO: TOM DIPACE [Mike Piazza in game]


The legerdemain of David Blaine is intimate, unadorned and
simply eye-popping. For example, during his prime-time special,
David Blaine: Street Magic (ABC, Monday, 8 p.m.), magician
Blaine levitates in front of Prime Time, a.k.a. Deion Sanders,
at the Dallas Cowboys' training complex. "I'm gone," says a
clearly startled Sanders. "I gotta go home and take a nap."
Bravo, David! But if you really want to impress us, levitate
Nate Newton.