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ANNIKA SORENSTAM: On her husband, David Esch: "I'm low if I have
a bad round, but at least I know that he still loves me--or I
think so."

BILL CAMPBELL: The former president of the USGA on Tiger Woods's
fans: "We don't need that hooting and hollering."

WORLD RANKING: Woods moves back to the top after a one-week
absence, but let's not hoot and holler.

JACK NICKLAUS: The Golden Bear signs a credit card deal with
Citibank. Isn't "Charge!" Arnie's battle cry?

RYDER CUP: Tom Kite's worried about a lack of veterans on the
U.S. team, but at Choke Hill the rookies went 11-6 and the vets

GREG NORMAN: "People feel that because they see you all the time
they know you and can say something whether they like you or
dislike you."

PINE VALLEY: It's the consensus pick as the best course in the
U.S., but after the Open goes to Pinehurst in '99, Pine Valley
will be the only course among the top 10 never to have hosted a

JOHN DALY: You won't see him in the British Open. "My personal
health and well being require me to be elsewhere."