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PHIL MICKELSON: Question: "Did your dad train you like Tiger's
dad trained him?" Answer: "No, my dad was fun."

SENIOR SUIT: Harry Toscano has filed an antitrust suit against
the Senior tour, claiming it unfairly limits the size of fields.

U.S. PUBLINX: Tim Clark of South Africa beat Ryuji Imada of
Japan in the first USGA final since 1910 involving two foreigners.

TIGER, THE MOVIE: There's talk of turning Tiger, one of the
many Woods bios, into a movie. Will Smith as the lead?

I'M IN THE WOODS: Gripmaker Lamkin parodies the "I am Tiger
Woods" commercials with its own spot, which was filmed at the
same course, Griffith Park in L.A., as the Nike ad.

NICK FALDO: To a photographer at the British Open taking
pictures of his fiancee, Brenna Cepelak: "You're here to take
pictures of golf and nothing else!"

NANCY LOPEZ: "I have three daughters. I'm not going to raise
them with the idea that their husbands are going to cook and
clean. There are things women should do and things men should
do. Our husbands are there to take care of us in other ways."