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We are proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive sports
Web site that, like our 24-hour cable sports network, CNN/SI,
combines the up-to-the-minute global coverage of CNN with the
in-depth reporting of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. With more than 100,000
pages of content, ranging from real-time scores and statistics
to the probing profiles of athletes for which SI is famous, provides unparalleled access to sports information on
the Internet. Says executive producer Danny Greenberg,
"CNN sets the standard for news gathering, and SPORTS
ILLUSTRATED the standard for insightful journalism."

The site offers myriad statistics; capsule player biographies;
season previews; a scoreboard you can customize to show results
of and links to your favorite teams; a section devoted to
women's sports; sports news for 160 U.S. and Canadian cities
from the Big Apple (New York City) to the Little Apple
(Manhattan, Kans.); SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS features like
THE SHORTER REPORTER; special event features, such as a photo
montage of storied moments in British Open history, an in-depth
preview of the '97 NFL season and a look back at the 1996
Olympic Games in Atlanta; and frequent question-and-answer
sessions with SI writers. For example, you can not only read
senior writer Peter King's NFL analysis in the magazine and
watch his INSIDE THE NFL reports on CNN/SI, but you can also
download his current and past columns and ask him questions
directly through E-mail. (With apologies to Howard Stern, we now
consider Peter to be the King of all media.)

You can also join one of our fantasy sports leagues for free and
match skills with thousands of competitors from around the
world. Sign-ups for football began on July 18. "We offer three
levels of fantasy games," says Steve Zales, general manager of
the site. "One for hard-core players, another for committed but
less intense fans and yet another for people who like the idea
of fantasy sports but can afford to devote only five or 10
minutes every week."

As befits a site on the World Wide Web, lets you
choose between a U.S. homepage and a world homepage, which
directs you to extensive coverage of international sports such
as cricket, Formula One racing, rugby, soccer and track and
field. "What we're doing," says Zales, "is offering the ultimate
site for sports fans."

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