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East Projected Finish

1 Patriots 10-6
2 Dolphins 9-7
3 Bills 7-9
4 Colts 6-10
5 Jets 6-10


1 Steelers 11-5
2 Jaguars 10-6
3 Bengals 8-8
4 Oilers 7-9
5 Ravens 6-10


1 Broncos 12-4
2 Chiefs 9-7
3 Raiders 8-8
4 Chargers 8-8
5 Seahawks 5-11

Wild-Card Playoffs
Jaguars over Dolphins
Patriots over Chiefs

Divisional Playoffs
Jaguars over Broncos
Steelers over Patriots

AFC Championship Game
Jaguars over Steelers

Statistical boxes in scouting reports compiled by the Elias
Sports Bureau

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY DAMIAN STROHMEYER Catch As Catch Can't Neither Patriots wideout Terry Glenn (88) nor Broncos cornerback Ray Crockett snagged this pass last season, but the two men will battle for the ball again when Denver hosts New England on Oct. 6. [T of C]

COLOR PHOTO: DAMIAN STROHMEYER The Broncos have a new look and a new receiver in Flipper Anderson, but they're still the team to beat in the AFC West.