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DAN QUAYLE: Late-breaking news from a Golf Channel chat between
the former vice president and Jim McLean: "Obviously, I'm
looking at running for President in the year 2000." Who needs CNN?

MR. 59 IV: Mauricio Molino, an Argentine, shot 59 during a pro
tournament, near Buenos Aires, joining Chip Beck, Miguel Angel
Martin and the original Mr. 59, Al Geiberger, as the only others
to do so.

$1 MILLION: The ShopRite Classic becomes only the fifth LPGA
event with a purse this high. On the PGA Tour only one event has
a purse this low.

BOB DOLE: On President Clinton's low scores: "I don't know
whether he shot an 83 or a 283 or a 483. You'll never really
know." Well, we can probably rule out 483.

TIGER: In his first year as a pro, Woods has made $1.2 appearance fees.

CUTS: Tiger's streak of making cuts ended at 25, but he was way
behind Vijay Singh, who's still going strong with 45. The
alltime leader? Byron Nelson with 113 in a row.

LONG DRIVERS: Woods is the longest pro (294.6 yards per drive).
Who's second? John Daly? Davis Love III? No, it's John Jacobs
(290.5) of the Senior tour.