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--JACK: Golden Bear stock is like its CEO--just when you write
it off, it comes roaring back. Since Sept. 1, JACK is up more
than 50%.

--SKINS GAME: This year the Thanksgiving weekend staple will
feature Fred Couples, Tom Lehman, Tiger Woods and...Mark O'Meara?

--KIDS' STUFF: Arnold Palmer was 34 when he captained the 1963
Ryder Cup team.

--MELTING POT: In the first eight USGA championships this year,
a non-American has either won or been runner-up.

--INELIGIBLE: Andrew Magee is a U.S. citizen, but he's not
eligible to play on the American Ryder Cup team. Only U.S.-born
players are allowed, and Magee was born in Paris.

--MONEY: In a recent poll on the Internet, 72% of respondents
said Ryder Cup players should not be paid.

--MONEY II: What does it pay to be 100th best? On the PGA Tour,
No. 100 Mark Brooks has made $208,572, while the LPGA's Kristi
Albers has won $56,097 and the Senior tour's Fritz Gambetta just

--RIPPING IT: John Daly is again the longest driver on Tour
(302.6 yards to No. 2 Tiger Woods's 293.9). More amazing: Daly's
driver has only six degrees of loft.