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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Getting equal value is an elusive goal, as teams trying to deal
before the Feb. 19 trading deadline have found. One swap
consummated last June, however, seems the epitome of the fair
trade. The Timberwolves sent 7'2", 260-pound Stojko Vrankovic to
the Clippers for 7-foot, 290-pound (as listed, charitably)
Stanley Roberts. With both centers earning major dough to play
minor minutes, each team got the short end of the deal.
--David Sabino

28 Age 34
7 Years in NBA 4
51.6 % of team's games not played, career 48.8
$3,750,000 1997-98 salary $3,580,000
16.3 Minutes per game 17.4
5.1 Points per game, 1997-98 3.3
4.5 Rebounds per game 4.2
0.98 Blocks per game 1.00
$49,797 Dollars per block $46,387