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Eye It And Fly It

Only four players in the NBA were averaging more than 20 points
and 10 rebounds at week's end. Three of them--Karl Malone,
Shaquille O'Neal and David Robinson--had shot better than 52%
from the floor. The fourth, Celtics forward Antoine Walker
(above), had not. After hitting 42.5% of his field goals as a
rookie last season and scoring 17.5 points a game, Walker has
seen his average soar and his accuracy slip. In fact, just three
players in the 1990s have topped 20 points a game for a full
season and shot worse than Walker had through Sunday's games.

--David Sabino


Michael Adams, Nuggets 1990-91 26.5 39.4
Damon Stoudamire, Raptors 1996-97 20.2 40.1
Jerry Stackhouse, 76ers 1996-97 20.7 40.7
Antoine Walker, Celtics 1997-98 22.2 41.1
Tim Hardaway, Heat 1996-97 20.3 41.5
Allen Iverson, 76ers 1996-97 23.5 41.6
Latrell Sprewell, Warriors 1994-95 20.6 41.8
Clifford Robinson, Trail Blazers 1995-96 21.1 42.3
Isaiah Rider, Trail Blazers 1997-98 20.7 42.4
Derrick Coleman, Nets 1994-95 20.5 42.4

COLOR PHOTO: MANNY MILLAN [Antoine Walker attempting shot in game]