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Since he drained his 456th trey on April 17, 1989, to surpass
the career total of Larry Bird, the Sonics' Dale Ellis has been
the NBA's alltime leader in three-pointers made. But the Pacers'
Reggie Miller has been charging hard to seize the 37-year-old
Ellis's triple crown. Through Sunday's games Miller, 32, who is
now coached by Bird, trailed his fellow 6'7" sharpshooter by
only nine threes. Here's how the NBA's two best long-range
shooters stack up.

--David Sabino

Reggie Miller Dale Ellis

1,563 Career three-pointers made 1,572
3,874 Career three-pointers attempted 3,902
40.3 Career three-point shooting percentage 40.3
41.8 Three-point percentage with the 22-foot arc 38.8
39.5 Three-point percentage with the 23'9" arc 40.9
1997-98 1997-98
(42.8%) Best single season three-point shooting (48.9%)
52.6 Career two-point shooting percentage 51.1
8 Most three-pointers in a game 9
19.8 Career scoring average (ppg) 16.5
1 Number of teams played for 5