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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY MICHAEL SCHUMACHER/REUTERS FENDER RENDERJim Guthrie's car (foreground) crashes into that of Sam Schmidt in Turn 3 at Indy during the 500. The worst injury suffered by either driver was a broken arm (page 94).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY MIKE COOPER/ALLSPORT VICIOUS CYCLEYou know what they say about a fool and his motorcycle: They're soon parted, as was the case with Sebastian Porto and his bike after spinning out during the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix in Mugello.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY AL TIELEMANS A CROSS TO BEARMike Bonanni and the rest of the Maryland defense had trouble sticking to Jesse Hubbard, whose four goals led Princeton to a 15-5 win and its third straight NCAA lacrosse championship.