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Father's Day


In a week in which Americans honor their fathers, we asked
athletes around the country to submit a family photo--old or
new--and send along a message to Dad

B/W PHOTO"Thanks for the love, discipline, wisdom and knowledge." Giants manager Dusty Baker with his father, Johnnie [Dusty Baker and Johnnie Baker]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for everything you have done. I love you." Twins pitcher Mike Trombley with his father, Ray [Mike Trombley and Ray Trombley]

COLOR PHOTO"Dad, you are the Great One." Sabres right wing Rob Ray with his father, John [Rob Ray and John Ray]

COLOR PHOTO"Whatever I accomplish in this game will be because of you. I owe everything to you." Mets catcher Todd Hundley with his father, Randy [Todd Hundley and Randy Hundley]

COLOR PHOTO"Your love and support has given me the strength to become who I am." U.S. Olympic hockey player Cammi Granato with her father, Don, and her brother Donny [Cammi Granato, Don Granato and Donny Granato]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for being the best dad anyone could ever ask for." Devil Rays third baseman Wade Boggs with his father, Winfield [Wade Boggs and Winfield Boggs]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for all your support through the years." White Sox pitcher Mike Sirotka with his father, Mike [Mike Sirotka and Mike Sirotka]

COLOR PHOTO"Dad, I hope I'm half the father to C.J. that you are to me." Dodgers pitcher Jim Bruske with his father, Frank, and son, C.J. [Jim Bruske, Frank Bruske and C.J. Bruske]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for everything, Dad." Twins infielder Brent Gates with his father, Robert [Brent Gates and Robert Gates]

COLOR PHOTO"You're my father, my golf and fishing partner, my teacher, role model and best friend." Wizards forward Tracy Murray with his father, Robbo [Tracy Murray and Robbo Murray]

COLOR PHOTO"You've been there through the good times and the bad." Cubs pitcher Terry Adams with his father, Terry [Terry Adams and Terry Adams]

COLOR PHOTO"Daddy, you're tops in my league." Mariners third baseman Russ Davis with his father, Ronnie [Russ Davis and Ronnie Davis]

COLOR PHOTO"Pops, thanks for all the fun times. I love you. Happy Father's Day." Brewers pitcher Mike Myers with his father, Warren [Mike Myers and Warren Myers]

COLOR PHOTO"Happy Father's Day to the greatest man I know." Mavericks guard Hubert Davis with his father, Hubert [Hubert Davis and Hubert Davis]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for always being there for me." Padres pitcher Andy Ashby (page 72) with his father, Glendon [Glendon Ashby and Andy Ashby]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for giving me a chance in this sport and the encouragement to go after what I want." NASCAR driver Kyle Petty with his father, Richard [Richard Petty and Kyle Petty]

COLOR PHOTO"We don't celebrate Father's Day because we're Jehovah's Witnesses, but we love you, Dad." Tennis players Venus (left) and Serena Williams with their father, Richard [Venus Williams, Richard Williams and Serena Williams]

COLOR PHOTO"You've always been there to support me." Cubs outfielder Brant Brown with his father, Mike [Mike Brown and Brant Brown as a baby]

COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES"My professional accomplishments are a direct result of watching you get up every day of your life and go to work with a smile on your face." Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton with his father, Nate [Nate Newton and Nate Newton]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for being a great dad and an even better friend." Sabres center Derek Plante with his father, Bruce [Derek Plante and Bruce Plante]

COLOR PHOTO: SCOTT FLOYD/MARLBORO"The snowmobile race we have every year proves that you taught me everything I know but not everything you know--you beat me again this year." CART driver Al Unser Jr. with his father, Al [Al Unser and Al Unser Jr.]

COLOR PHOTO: ROBERT BECK"You have taught me how to see the lessons in a difficult experience. You know of my dream, and you dream it too." Figure skater Michelle Kwan with her father, Danny [Danny Kwan and Michelle Kwan]

COLOR PHOTO"Thank you for allowing me to chase my dreams." Giants catcher Brian Johnson with his father, Roger [Roger Johnson and Brian Johnson]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for showing me how to be a good husband and father and how to carry on the family name." Giants pitcher Orel Hershiser with his father, Orel III (left),grandfather Orel II, and son Orel V

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for all your love and support, Mr. Mean." SuperSonics guard Gary Payton with his father, Al [Al Payton and Gary Payton]COLOR PHOTO"Finally you made it into SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Dad! Enjoy the present." Reds outfielder Melvin Nieves with his grandfather David Ramos (left), father, Nestor, and son Alex [David Ramos, Alex Nieves, Melvin Nieves and Nestor Nieves]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for preparing me for all life's trials and tribulations." Patriots defensive end Willie McGinest with his father, Willie [Willie McGinest and Willie McGinest]

COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES"You have taught me more about life than anyone. I am blessed to have you as a father." Colts quarterback Peyton Manning with his father, Archie [Peyton Manning and Archie Manning]

COLOR PHOTO"Pops, thanks for your encouragement and inspiration." Brewers pitcher Scott Karl with his father, Gene [Scott Karl and Gene Karl]

COLOR PHOTO"Happy Father's Day, Pops." Marlins pitcher Matt Mantei with his father, Randy [Matt Mantei and Randy Mantei]

COLOR PHOTO: DAN GRASSMAN/CIA PHOTOS"There's no way I would be where I am today without you." NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte with his father, Bob, and brother, Terry [Bobby Labonte, Bob Labonte and Terry Labonte]

B/W PHOTO: MICHAEL O'NEILL "My drive to be successful comes from you." Sprinter Michael Johnson with his father, Paul [Paul Johnson and Michael Johnson]

COLOR PHOTO"Dad, I thank you for being the man you are." SuperSonics forward Vin Baker with his father, James [Vin Baker and James Baker]

COLOR PHOTO"You're the best dad in the world." Hawks forward Chucky Brown with his father, Clarence [Chucky Brown and Clarence Brown]

COLOR PHOTO"Happy Father's Day, Hawkeye. You're the best thing going." Padres pitcher Brian Boehringer with his father, George [Brian Boehringer and George Boehringer]

B/W PHOTO"Thanks, Dad, you were my best coach." White Sox pitcher Matt Karchner with his father, Marlin [Matt Karchner and Marlin Karchner]

COLOR PHOTO"You're the best, Pops!" Royals bullpen coach Tom Burgmeier with his father, Lawrence [Tom Burgmeier and Lawrence Burgmeier]

COLOR PHOTO"You have always been there for me. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate that." Golfer Tiger Woods with his father, Earl [Tiger Woods and Earl Woods]

COLOR PHOTO: GEORGE TIEDEMANN"Thanks for the ride." NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. with his father, Dale (page 88) [Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dale Earnhardt]

COLOR PHOTO"Thanks for being such a great coach." Blues center Darren Turcotte with his father, Butch [Darren Turcotte and Butch Turcotte]

COLOR PHOTO: LANE STEWART "Thanks for not only being the greatest dad but also for being my role model and inspiration. Thanks for believing in me." Tennis player Chris Evert with her father, Jimmy [Chris Evert and Jimmy Evert]

COLOR PHOTO"I've been taught well on the court and taught well off of it. Thanks for the lessons, Dad." Knicks guard Allan Houston with his father, Wade [Allan Houston and Wade Houston]

COLOR PHOTO"You made good choices. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful mother." Mariners utilityman Rich Amaral with his mother, Carmen (Amaral's father, Robert, died when he was eight months old) [Rich Amaral and Carmen Amaral]

COLOR PHOTO: DAVID LIAM KYLE"You were always there and did everything you could to support all that I did." Braves pitcher John Smoltz with his father, John [John Smoltz and John Smoltz]

COLOR PHOTO"I really appreciate all that you've done. It has helped make me who I am." Magic center Dan Schayes with his father, Dolph [Dan Schayes and Dolph Schayes]

COLOR PHOTO"Thank you for pushing me to become the successful person that I am today." Hornets guard Bobby Phills with his father, Bobby [Bobby Phills and Bobby Phills]