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On The Range Human Target Practice

Late Saturday evening, John Daly and Tiger Woods were on
Olympic's nearly deserted driving range when four hang gliders
floated over the range and began waving at them. Daly sent a
drive screaming toward a glider who was a good 250 yards out and
75 feet in the air. The shot was on line but didn't have quite
enough oomph. After two more failed efforts, one with Woods's
driver, Daly went to a three-iron. With Woods egging him on, he
teed a ball three inches off the ground and blasted it to new
heights--higher, perhaps, than any golf ball had boldly gone
before. But this too fell short, and Daly, touchingly, waved a
tribute to his targets and called it a night.

--Alan Shipnuck

COLOR PHOTO: JOHN BURGESS Fore up Daly shot for the skies. [John Daly]