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Scouting Reports



1. Ohio State
2. Florida State
3. Kansas State
4. Florida
5. Nebraska
7. Arizona State
8. Michigan
9. Tennessee
10. LSU
11. Syracuse
12. Washington
13. Michigan State
14. Penn State
15. North Carolina
16. Missouri
17. Colorado State
18. West Virginia
19. Miami
20. Georgia
21. Texas A&M
22. Wake Forest
23. Auburn
24. Kentucky
25. Notre Dame

Unless otherwise noted, all 1997 statistics exclude bowl games,
to conform with official numbers used by the NCAA.

COLOR ILLUSTRATION: PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY LANCE JACKSON Grab for glory Loaded with stars like flanker Dee Miller, Ohio State hopes to haul in the national title. [Composite of Dee Miller catching football in front of defender]

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN BAHR/ALLSPORT [See caption above--Dee Miller catching football in front of defender]