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September 14, 1998 Table Of Contents

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Catching Up With...

Rob Deer, Free-swinging Slugger April 27, 1987

By Jeff Pearlman


Making His Mark With an electrifying jolt, Mark McGwire passed the Babe and caught Roger to set the stage for the record breaker

By Tom Verducci

Record Smasher

With this mighty swing, Mark McGwire sent his 62nd home run over the fence and himself into a special place in America's pantheon

By Tom Verducci

Sam The Ham Ebulliently stalking the Babe and Big Mac, bashing baseballs and merrily mangling his adopted lingo, the Cubs' fan-friendly Sammy Sosa is having the time of his life--on and off the field

By Steve Rushin

Try These On For Cys Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez are neck and neck in the American League Cy Young race. Too bad nobody's paying attention

By Michael Farber

Touching 'em All It started with four homers in the first four games of the season. Here's how Mark McGwire's quest for 62 played out, blow by blow, during the 1998 season

Pro Football

Running Start Using a high-octane offense to compensate for their sputtering defense, the 49ers beat the Jets and served notice that they'll be tough to stop

By Michael Silver

Growing Pains Colts quarterback Peyton Manning showed flashes of brilliance in his NFL debut, but his inexperience led to a Dolphins victory

By Marty Burns

Turning Over A New Leaf

By Austin Murphy

College Football

The Good Hands People Led by a corps of unheralded and inexperienced receivers, Washington lit up eighth-ranked Arizona State in a season-opening surprise

By Alan Shipnuck

Fighting Back After a season of frustration and an off-season that was worse, Notre Dame and its beleaguered coach, Bob Davie, regained respectability by whipping Michigan

By Tim Layden

Pro Basketball

Riding a Wave It's taken Clippers center Michael Olowokandi only three years to go from novice to No. 1 draft pick, but he knows he'll be in deep water in the NBA

By Jackie MacMullan



Inside Baseball

Inside Baseball

By Mark Bechtel; Jeff Pearlman

Inside The NFL

Inside The NFL

By Peter King; David Fleming

A Center's Initiation The Ravens' Jeff Mitchell got pumped up to face the vaunted Steelers

By Peter King

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

Inside College Football

Inside College Football

By Ivan Maisel; John Walters; Alan Shipnuck


By Brian Westbrook

Inside Motor Sports

Inside Motor Sports

By Ed Hinton

Haunting Victories CART driver Adrian Fernandez races in the shadow of death

By Loren Mooney

Inside Tennis

Inside Tennis

By S.L. Price; L. Jon Wertheim

You Had to See It to Believe It

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off



By Richard Hoffer, Jaime Diaz, Peter King, Jack McCallum EDITED BY Jack McCallum AND Richard O'Brien

SI View The Week in TV Sports

By John Walters

Faces In The Crowd