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The 5'9", 185-pound Westbrook was everywhere in the Wildcats'
48-41 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday. A sophomore from Fort
Washington, Md., Westbrook racked up 428 all-purpose yards and
scored four touchdowns. He rushed 10 times for 114 yards, caught
10 passes for 116, and returned three punts for 46 and three
kickoffs for 152, including an 89-yard touchdown. Here's how
Westbrook described his big day.

I was very nervous in the locker room before the game, but
midway through the first quarter I calmed down. I scored on a
48-yard fake punt. I was the up back and the snap came to me. I
ran straight up the middle. Later in the quarter I caught a
15-yard touchdown pass, and we were down by just one point,
14-13. With every play the team was gaining confidence, and I
started to feel invincible. I wanted the ball on every play.

Early in the third quarter Pitt scored twice to go ahead 41-20.
I tried to do everything I could to encourage my teammates. I
figured there was no better way than to lead by example. I got
the ball on the ensuing kickoff, and I saw my blockers open a
huge seam. All I had to do was run 89 yards. I scored my fourth
touchdown on a five-yard pass with 5:07 left in the fourth

I felt bad that we lost but good knowing that we competed. I was
feeling pretty good about myself until I talked to my mother on
Sunday. She brought me back to earth by reminding me of passes I
dropped and mistakes I made. She expects a lot of me, and so do
I. She's right: I can play better.