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Playback by Colorado defensive end NICK ZIEGLER

Asked in a Colorado athletic department questionnaire to name the
dead person he would most like to meet, the 6'5", 245-pound
Ziegler responded, "Keith Richards." Ziegler, from Huntington
Beach, Calif., needed more than his dry wit when the Buffaloes
were called on to make a goal line stand to preserve a 29-21 lead
against Fresno State. Ziegler picks up the story with 1:14 left
and the ball on the Colorado two.

On first down they pulled their weakside guard to take me out,
but I bounced outside of him and tackled their tailback, Jaime
Kimbrough, for a three-yard loss. On second down they came my way
again, this time on an option pitch. I'm not sure if I did the
right thing on that play. If we're in one defensive package, I'm
supposed to take the quarterback out, which I did. If it's
another set, where there's no defender outside of me, then I'm
the pitch support, and my job is to string the play out. Their
quarterback, Billy Volek, pitched the ball, and they gained four
yards. I hate to admit it, but I'll have to wait until we see the
film to see what package we were in and know if I did the right

On third down we had 12 men on the field, so we were penalized
half the distance to the goal. Then they lined up in a
two-receiver set, and we were in our goal line package, so we
called a timeout. When we returned, we had only 10 men on the
field, so we called a second timeout.

At the snap their linemen blocked inward, so I figured
quarterback sneak. I charged in, saw a fumble and fell on it. I
thought of getting up and running for a touchdown, but I'm so
slow we probably would have been penalized for delay of game.