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October 19, 1998 Table Of Contents

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Catching Up With...

Tony Rice, Notre Dame Quarterback October 24, 1988

By John O'Keefe

Faces In The Crowd

Faces In The Crowd

Si View

SI View The Week in TV Sports

By John Walters

Playing For Laughs With microphones in the dugout and characters in the stands, baseball is becoming a sitcom

By Steve Rushin

Inside College Football

The Second Time Around After a 15-year absence, Silvester Turner, 34, hasn't lost a step

By Seth Davis

Inside College Football

By Ivan Maisel; B.J. Schecter; Alan Shipnuck


By Texas Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis


Grit Vs. Glamour The down-and-dirty Padres had the vaunted Braves facing elimination in the National League Championship Series

By Michael Bamberger

Hot Damn Yankee David Wells likes his music loud, his drinks cold, his chin hairy--and, as he showed against the Indians, the ball in his hand when the season's on the line

By Tom Verducci

Moody Blues As umpires blunder and bluster their way through the postseason, players are peeved, fans are howling, and baseball is searching for a way to put the best umps on the field

By Gerry Callahan

A Few Words From God

By John Garrity

Pro Football

Torn Apart The reeling Panthers thought they had put the worst behind them--until Kerry Collins blindsided them by benching himself

By David Fleming


A Welcome Sight After missing the final 28 games last season because of a concussion, Paul Kariya is back, which is good news for Anaheim and even better news for the NHL

By Michael Farber

College Football

Regression Analysis Three years after its stunning Rose Bowl season, Northwestern appears headed back to the Big Ten basement. Is a little adversity just what these spoiled young Wildcats need?

By Tim Layden



Inside Soccer

Inside Soccer

By Ian Thomsen

Inside The NFL

Inside The NFL

By Peter King

Beating Double Teams Like it or not, the Giants' Michael Strahan is getting the star treatment

By Richard Deutsch

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

This Girl Gets Her Kicks

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off

She's Not Afraid To Call The Shots Gwen Adair, the only active female pro referee, aspires to officiate more title bouts

By Franz Lidz

Deja Vu All Over Again In this World Series the Pirates always prevail

By Brad Herzog

A Legal Full-Court Press Can a single mom--the Sparks' Pam McGee--raise a child and play in the WNBA?

By Johnette Howard


Revisiting A Couple Of Classics Billy Clyde Puckett is back in the game, and the young Ali comes back to life

By Ron Fimrite


By Rick Reilly; Phil Taylor Edited By Jack McCallum And Richard O'Brien