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Last Saturday, during Texas's 37-3 victory over Oklahoma, Major
Applewhite connected with Wane McGarity for the longest
touchdown pass in Longhorns history. Texas offensive coordinator
and quarterbacks coach Greg Davis details the strategy behind
the 97-yard scoring strike.

Because of Oklahoma's style of defense--nine in the box, lots of
blitzing--we knew they'd make some plays. But we told our guys
to keep sawin' wood, keep your poise, and we'd make some big
plays too. When our defense came up with the ball on a fumble at
our own one-yard line, I flipped up our "Coming Out" chart--the
plays we use when we're backed up to our goal line.

On first down, knowing they were in man-to-man, we sent twin
receivers out on a zone play to see how the Sooners would react.
They lined up the way we thought they would--the free safety
cheated on the back side on the tight end. So on second down we
called for maximum protection in case they blitzed, sent one
receiver diagonal to the opposite flag and sent McGarity on a
two-way post route--he could cut in or out, keying off the
defender's move. He gets up on the toes of the defensive back
before he makes that decision.

Typically we're trying to attack when we're backed up. We want
the opposition to know we will pass there, so we can loosen the
run up for Ricky Williams. I called the play and told Coach
[Mack] Brown, "Hang on, something fun is about to happen." We
were going for the score. The maximum protection was the
key--Major had plenty of time. Wane was wide open, and Major
laid it on the dime.