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The Eagles Have Landed

The Big East has decided to dispense with the two-division
format it used the last two years. That news is most unwelcome
at Boston College, which seems a good bet to become the first
13th-place finish in league history. With a 2-4 record,
including a 62-61 loss to Harvard, through Sunday, BC is still
reeling from the decision two years ago by director of
undergraduate admissions John Mahoney to reject two of then
coach Jim O'Brien's recruits, whom Mahoney said were unqualified
academically. O'Brien fled to Ohio State, leaving successor Al
Skinner to pick up the pieces. There aren't many pieces left:
This year Boston College has six freshmen, four sophomores and
four juniors on its roster. In case Skinner feels like pondering
could-have-beens over the next few months, here's a list of
Eagles and near Eagles who, for one reason or another, flew the
nest. --Seth Davis


Adam Allenspach, Soph. 7'1"
Gave oral commitment to BC but changed mind after admissions
controversy; through Sunday was averaging 4.1points and 5.4
rebounds as Clemson reserve.

Andy Bedard, Jr. 6'1"
Lack of playing time two years ago prompted transfer to Maine;
averaging 24.7 points, fourth in nation, and shooting 91.2% from

Michael Bradley, Soph. (above) 6'10"
Committed to Eagles but signed with Kentucky after admissions
controversy; starter for all seven Wildcats games, he's shooting

Jonathan DePina, Soph. 5'9"
Denied admission in fall of 1996; is sixth man at UMass this

Chris Herren, Sr. 6'3"
Transferred in 1995 after being injured most of first year;
averaging 15.3 points and team-high 6.9 assists at the point for
Fresno State.

Kostas Maglos 6'10"
Would have been senior and lone returning double-figure scorer
for BC but instead signed to play professionally in Greece.

Scoonie Penn, Jr. 5'10"
1996 Big East Freshman of the Year; followed O'Brien to Ohio
State; averaging 16.3 points and 3.9 assists for 6-2 Buckeyes.

Elton Tyler, Soph. 6'9"
Denied admission to BC two years ago; is sixth man at Miami.

COLOR PHOTO: JOHN BIEVER [Michael Bradley in game]