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In the Clear

There is no worse fate than having your lenses fog up when you're
barreling down a busy ski run, except maybe dropping your eyewear
while trying to clean it on the lift. The Smith Turbo Constant
Air Management (CAM) goggles (left), which cost $150, will take
care of both problems with a defrosting system that works even in
severe weather. The goggles are a particular godsend to
eyeglass-wearing skiers, who often find themselves trying to see
through two sets of foggy lenses.

A lightweight battery pack mounted on the strap powers a tiny
plastic fan built into the top of the frame for up to 40 hours.
The low setting helps to keep your face from sweating and reduces
condensation. The high setting will blast away momentary fog-ups.
While the noise of the fan is barely noticeable on low, it sounds
like a Hoover in your hair when it's running on high. Still, the
goggles are comfortable and snug-fitting, and the big noise from
this diminutive device seems a small price to pay for an
unimpeded view of the slopes.

--Loren Mooney

COLOR PHOTO: DAVID N. BERKWITZ [Smith Turbo Constant Air Management goggles]