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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN BIEVER Four-Point Play Referee Stanley Reynolds, a broadcaster and two UNC Charlotte players give Rhode Island center Luther Clay the finger on a contested out-of-bounds play during the 49ers' 81-70 first-round NCAA victory over the Rams (page 40).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT BECK Frahm Way Downtown! Gonzaga's Richie Frahm bombs from the corner against Stanford's Kris Weems during the No. 10-seeded Bulldogs' 82-74 upset of the No. 2 Cardinal.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT BECK Please Adjust Your Horizontal Hold Florida's Mike Miller gets a sneaker's-eye view of Penn's Lamar Plummer attacking the basket during the Gators' 75-61 first-round defeat of the Quakers.