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My Shot Watching Mom win a tournament was neat, even if she didn't do the dance we taught her

On Easter Sunday, like most kids my age (nine), I went on an egg
hunt. Then I spent the rest of the day in Sacramento watching my
mom (Juli) win the Longs Drugs Challenge. Mom has won a lot of
tournaments, many before I was born, but this was the first time
I was there when she won one. I got to run out on the green and
give her a hug. It was neat.

I was surprised that Mom didn't do a dance. Last year I was at
the Solheim Cup when she did a dance after making an eagle putt
on the 15th hole. It was silly. Mom likes dancing, even though
she isn't very good at it. My sister, Cori, who's five, and I
have been trying to help her.

I like that my mom plays golf for a living because we get to go
to lots of cool places. Last year I went to about 12
tournaments. My favorite place was Las Vegas, where the Tour
Championship was held. I'm not old enough to gamble, but we got
to go to fun places like Circus Circus, Treasure Island and New
York-New York. I hope Mom plays well enough this year so we can
go back.

When we aren't traveling, I enjoy playing sports. My dad is
teaching Cori and me how to play golf. Last winter Mom coached
my basketball team. All of my friends wanted to play on our team
because she's fun. She taught us a lot about passing and
defense. I like sports but don't want to be a pro athlete. I
think Cori will be one, though, because she's a tomboy like Mom.
My mom loves sports. She's always watching sports on TV. Her
favorite show is SportsCenter.

When I'm at home in Los Altos, Calif., I enjoy playing with my
dogs, Sandy and Tyler. I want to be a dog trainer when I grow
up. That way I won't have to sign autographs at dinner and in
airports, like Mom does. I don't know why people ask her for her
autograph. It's just my mom.

Hayley Inkster, a third-grader, says her favorite subject is P.E.

COLOR PHOTO: BOB GALBRAITH/AP Hayley (left), with a friend and Cori (right), checks out Mom's Easter bounty.