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Short Irons Collapsible clubs a traveler's dream

The worst thing about taking a golf vacation may be having to
haul your clubs around in a cumbersome travel bag and risking
damage or loss in transit. Now, thanks to the Goflex Travel Golf
Set, toting one's sticks is no more difficult than carrying a
suitcase, albeit one that weighs 24 pounds. The Goflex clubs
have telescoping steel shafts that allow them to be collapsed to
half their standard length for easier stowage. To extend the
shaft to its full playing length, simply hold the clubhead in
one hand and the grip in the other, pull the ends apart and
twist them until the shaft locks into position. To collapse the
shaft, press on a small release tab, similar to one on an

Various styles of clubheads and grips are available, all of
which conform to USGA and Royal & Ancient specifications. The
price tag--about $2,600--is hefty, but it includes, besides the
full set of clubs and a retractable putter, a cloth golf bag,
scorecard holder, clubhead brush, hat, towel and thumb protector
(to use when shortening the clubs), all of which fit neatly into
the 29-inch-long by 10-inch-wide by five-inch-deep travel case
that's compact enough to fit in the overhead bin of most planes.
For more information or to order a set, call KemmlerConsult at