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Weather Watchers

Apparently a 24-hour cable network isn't enough to sate the U.S.
craving for weather knowledge. If you absolutely have to know
what's going on halfway around the world, or in your own
backyard, here are three items that are more accurate than
sticking your head out the window.

The Typhoon Sport Watch from Nike ($135) is for everyone who's
ever wondered about surf conditions in Casablanca. The Typhoon
provides high- and low-tide information for 175 beaches around
the world, including the one in Da Nang, Vietnam. Apparently,
Colonel Kilgore, Charlie did surf.

The NOAA All Hazards/Weather Emergency Alert Monitor scans all
seven channels operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration for reports and forecasts. This radio, made by
Oregon Scientific, Inc., of Portland, also monitors the U.S.
Emergency Alert System and sounds an alarm before an EAS message
is broadcast. It costs $69.95; for details, try

The Kestrel 2000 Thermo-Anemometer measures temperature, wind
speed and windchill. According to its manufacturer,
Nielsen-Kellerman of Chester, Pa., the 2000 is useful in sailing,
camping, hang gliding and, of course, crop dusting. Coming soon,
the Kestrel 3000, which also gauges relative humidity, the heat
index and dew point. The 2000 retails for $119. Check it out on
the Web at

--Mark Beech