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Hot Wheels

The biggest problem with blading in the dark is that you can't
see where you're going. The second biggest problem is that no
one else can see you not being able to see where you're going.
The InLine Skate-Neon solves both problems. These small,
battery-powered neon tubes attach to the sides of in-line skates
with Velcro and are encased in thin plastic shells that can
withstand the impact of most spills. Made by Street Glow, which
also makes neon accessories for cars, InLine Skate-Neon comes in
nine "exotic" colors, including red, yellow and orange. (What,
no J. Crew heather?) The light, visible up to 500 feet away, is
endorsed by the National Skate Patrol as the "safest accessory
for in-line skating, period." Apparently the helmet ranks No. 2.

Each tube will set you back from $29.99 to $34.99, depending on
its length. For more information ask your local specialty sports
retailer. Then the next time you do a half gainer over a bike
rack after midnight, at least your friends will be able to see

--Mark Beech