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Casual Relief

Every duffer knows there's more to spoiling a good walk than a
John Feinstein book. If your white wing tips leave your dogs
barking, and they just can't take any more six-mile hikes
through mud and goose poop, perhaps a pair of golf sandals is
what you require. Made by Bite, of Redmond, Wash., they are the
hacker's equivalent of Seinfeld's Himalayan Walking Shoe--made
first for walking and then for playing golf. The sandals, which
have oversized outsoles, are available in two tread designs, one
with rubber "claws," the other with standard removable plastic

The sandals made their debut on the PGA and Senior PGA tours. In
January, Paul Stankowski became the first Tour player to wear
Bite footwear. While Stankowski doesn't wear the sandals every
time he plays, Senior tour rookie Howard Twitty, who has a
history of foot problems, does. In fact, some of Twitty's peers
have taken to calling him Moses.

The claw sandals sell for $69.95, while men's and women's spikes
go for $79.95 and $74.95 a pair, respectively. For more
information contact Bite at (888) BITEGOLF (248-3465) or check
out the company on the Web at

--Mark Beech