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Tight Squeeze

Just because you like to swim with the fishes, you don't have to
get wet. The Advance wet suit was designed to eliminate the
water seepage common in most diving outfits by doing away with
zippers, Velcro and other fasteners. Made by Gul International,
Ltd., of Cornwall, England, the one-piece suit is donned by
stepping through the neck opening, making it possibly the
toughest thing to squirm into since French jeans. The suit is
put together from "panels" made of extremely stretchy neoprene,
which can elongate more than 100% and regain its original shape
when you take it off. Do these guys make sweatshirts?

The Advance, which comes with an ominously named "rash vest" to
wear underneath, retails for 289.95[pounds] (about $465). For
more information, contact Gul at 011-44-1208-72382 or, on the
Web, at Once you finally put the thing
on, don't plan on taking a bathroom break for a while. Come to
think of it, how long does it take to get it off?

--Mark Beech