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Hurt Me, Baby

Most of us have been searching for quality stress-relief targets
all our adult lives. Herewith, a couple of punchless partners
who won't wear out before you do.

The plastic-and-foam body of Slam Man (foreground) can take just
about any can of whupass you choose to open. Made by Fitness
Quest of Canton, Ohio, its height can be adjusted from 64 to 72
inches. A computer in the base controls flashing red lights on
its torso and head that indicate where and when to let him have
it. The Man retails for $300, including a pair of boxing gloves.
Check him out on the Web at or call

Spar Pro is advertised as "the world's first anatomically
correct sparring partner." Made by Medical Plastics Laboratory
of Gatesville, Texas, Spar Pro is available in a heavyweight
model that costs $299 and a middleweight that retails for $289.
For more information, call 800-606-7727 or go to

--Mark Beech