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Paid By The Yard

The most important incentive in the first four years of Ricky
Williams's performance-driven contract gives him the chance to
boost his rock-bottom base salary ($175,000 for 1999) in the
following season by reaching any of the lofty rushing totals
listed below. But only 15 NFL runners (including just three
rookies) have reached the clause's easiest goal, 1,600 yards.
What's more, New Orleans hasn't fielded a rusher who gained even
1,000 yards since Dalton Hilliard ran for 1,262 yards in 1989.

--David Sabino

Rushing Players Times the Williams's Base
Yards to Reach Plateau Has Salary the
Needed the Plateau Been Reached Following Season

1,600 15 25 $1 million
1,800 6 11 $1.5 million
2,000 4 4 $2 million
2,100 1 1 $2.5 million
2,106 1 1 $3 million