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July 26, 1999 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

The Week July 13-19

Carnastie When an already tough course turned into a killer, everybody screamed bloody murder

By Gary Van Sickle

Double Trouble Both Justin Leonard and Craig Parry felt as if they had lost the Open twice

By Gary Van Sickle

Another Major Grind

By Jaime Diaz

Rough Times A year after an unforgettable finish, Justin Rose came to Carnoustie trying to rediscover his magic

By Jaime Diaz

Ivor Robson For the last 25 years the Voice of Golf has given a royal send-off to every player in the British Open

By Rick Reilly

Survival Course On Gigha, a tiny island in the birthplace of golf, the game appears headed for a bad end

By John Garrity

To Our Readers We have devoted this double issue to the images that will endure.

By Bill Colson


By Gene Menez; Gary Van Sickle Edited by Cameron Morfit

My Shot I enjoy watching the British Open, but I can't help but be a little bit jealous of the men

By Laura Davies Edited by Cameron Morfit

For Our Next Trick... Think Carnoustie was tough? Wait'll you see what the R&A has up its sleeve

By Walter Bingham

Si View

SI View The Weeks in TV Sports

By John Walters

Sportswriting For Dummies By reading these rules and slavishly following them, you too can learn our noble craft

By Steve Rushin

Catching Up With...

Jeff Lowe, Ice Climber December 11, 1978

By Kerry Murray


Masterpiece Theater

In a stellar career, David Cone had done everything but pitch a no-hitter. So he went out and threw a perfect game

By Stephen Cannella

From Shame To Fame

When Orlando Cepeda is inducted into the Hall of Fame this week, it will mark the end of a long comeback from disgrace and despair

By William Nack


Down The Drain The 128th British Open will be remembered more for the way it was lost by Jean Van de Velde than for how it was won by Paul Lawrie

By John Garrity



Inside Baseball

Inside Baseball

By Stephen Cannella and Jeff Pearlman; Tom Verducci; Lester Munson

Warehouse Special Former Frontier League star Morgan Burkhart is finally on track to the bigs

By Jeff Pearlman

Inside Tennis

Inside Tennis

By L. Jon Wertheim

Inside Soccer

Inside Soccer

By Ian Thomsen

Our Favorite Photos

Our Favorite Photos We never thought we'd say it, but in some cases, image is everything. A great picture is worth a thousand words...and may abide for a thousand years

By Richard Hoffer

Moment Of Truth

By Gary Smith

Mon Dieu! Better Safe Than Sorry

By Rick Reilly


A Slugger Hidden In Shadow Henry Kimbro burned bright in the Negro leagues

By Ron Fimrite

Eye Wide Shut A swollen left eye and fifth-round knockdown almost cost David Reid his WBA title

By Franz Lidz

Shot From The Heart Great sports pictures are the product of technology, ingenuity and passion

By Richard Hoffer

Leading Off



By Richard Hoffer; Phil Taylor; Peter King Edited by Kevin Cook and Mark Mravic

Faces In The Crowd