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Light It Up


Dusk has always served as the final buzzer of driveway
basketball, the last chance to launch a jumper from beyond the
geraniums before darkness covers you tighter than Gary Payton.
Playing after dark used to mean turning on all the porch lights,
or taking the car out of the garage and running down the
battery. No longer. For everyone who yearns to crash the boards
after twilight comes Satellight, a lighted backboard and rim.

Made by Huffy Sports of Sussex, Wis., Satellight's LED lighting
system requires no wiring and operates with the push of a button.
According to Huffy, the backboard and rim can withstand extreme
temperatures and weather, as well as vibrations. The company says
the system will operate for up to 50 hours on two D cell
batteries. Two models are available: Satellight, featuring the
NBA logo, and Midnight Madness, which is licensed by the NCAA.
Each system retails for $249. For more information visit Huffy on
the Web at, or call

--Mark Beech