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--Big 12 Championship
--SEC Championship
ABC 3:30 PM AND 8 PM Scene from Groundhog Day: Andie McDowell:
"Have you ever had deja vu?" Bill Murray: "Didn't you just ask
me that?" Third-ranked Nebraska (10-1) and fifth-ranked Florida
(9-2) get a rare college gridiron opportunity to avenge losses
that toppled them from the unbeaten ranks. The Huskers have a
rematch with Texas (9-3) in the Big 12 Championship in San
Antonio--a city renowned for remembering a momentous defeat.
Later the Gators get a second crack at Alabama (9-2), which won
the teams' first meeting in overtime, for the SEC crown in
Atlanta. Scene from Groundhog Day....

--Arizona at Texas
ESPN 9 PM It has been reigning cats and dogs for the last four
years in men's college basketball, all the national titles
having been won by Wildcats or Huskies. Anyone who watched 4-0
Arizona's purrfect run through the Preseason NIT knows that we
may be in for more. Tonight's game is a showdown between the
nation's top two 7-footers, the Wildcats' 7'1" Loren Woods, and
7-foot Chris Mihm of Texas (4-0). Arizona's backcourt of
freshmen Gilbert Arenas and Jason Gardner already has proved
itself to be the cat's meow.


--Cowboys at Patriots
ESPN 8:15 PM If Tom Hanks starred in You've Got Mail, shouldn't
defensive back Merton Hanks star in You've Got Ismail? Not
tonight--Hanks plays for the Seahawks. Expect the New England
firm of Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy to cover wideout Rocket Ismail,
Dallas's most potent offensive threat.


--Temple vs. Gonzaga
--Cincinnati vs. North Carolina
ESPN 7 PM AND 9 PM Gonzaga is a) a Pokemon species; b) a pungent
Italian cheese; or c) ranked in the Top 25. The answer is
c)--but just barely. The No. 25 Bulldogs, who Cinderella'd their
way into the Elite Eight last March, find themselves behind the
eight ball as the lowest-ranked of the four teams in tonight's
Great Eight doubleheader. Matt Santangelo (sounds like a CBS
detective series) of Gonzaga versus Pepe Sanchez of No. 10
Temple is a marquee battle of senior point guards, whereas the
Bearcats and Tar Heels, ranked No. 1 and No. 2, respectively,
have two of the nation's premier frontcourts. Oh, yes: Gonzaga
is also the patron saint of youth (which might be news to Dick



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--Lakers at Kings
TBS 8 PM I'm already sick of the Kings. Sick of hearing how
happy they are. Sick of all the lovey-dovey stuff. Sick of
seeing their mugs on TV and in USA Today. I mean, of course, the
Larry Kings. The Sacramento Kings? Them I like. With the
league's best record (9-1) through Sunday and a high-flying
offensive style, power forward Chris Webber, point guard Jason
Williams (above) and Co. seem so tightly knit that they should
drop the g from their name. As for Pacific Division-rival Los
Angeles (10-4), let's lay off center Shaquille O'Neal for his
free throw woes (40.3%). Shaq was averaging 28.9 points, and,
besides, how many dunks have you made lately?

the zapper

Get a T.O., baby! Dick Vitale is now a prime-time player. Or so
those ESPN Hoops Malone promos would have you believe. The ads
for the network's college basketball telecasts, disguised as
teasers for a fanciful TV program in which Dickie V stars as
faltering father figure Hoops and George Gervin plays his
scheming neighbor, Ice, brilliantly skewer shows from The
Flintstones to the syndicated Unhappily Ever After (the worst
program on TV). "The problem," Vitale tells us, "is that some
people believe Hoops is a real show."... Goal-oriented college
students can get their kicks from the NCAA women's soccer
championship from San Jose (ESPN, Sunday, 3 p.m.).