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Heisman Trophy Presentation
ESPN 8 PM Don't blame me, I voted for Pedro Martinez. (What's
that? Wrong ballot?) Questions to ponder before the Downtown
Athletic Club bestows its 65th stiff-arming statue: Will Georgia
Tech quarterback Joseph Hamilton become the only recipient
besides Orenthal Simpson (1968) whose name (full first and last)
contains the letters h-e-i-s-m-a-n? What do you admire more
about Wisconsin's Ron Dayne, his NCAA career rushing record, or
the fact that he seldom racked up meaningless yards during
blowout wins? Finally, if freshman Virginia Tech quarterback
Michael Vick were a senior, would he be the favorite?

Stars on Ice
CBS 8:30 PM Do not confuse this with Stars on Dry Ice, starring
Ozzy Osbourne, KISS and Spinal Tap (not an actual show...yet).
This special is more like Star So Nice, featuring Olympic gold
medalists Scott Hamilton, Tara Lipinski and Kristi Yamaguchi,
athletes of Mouseketeer-like wholesomeness. Tonight's
performance is one of several figure skating events that may
render you triple Axel dizzy by week's end. Others include
Holiday Festival on Ice (Monday, TBS, 8:05 p.m.), Cup of Russia
competition (Monday, ESPN, 9 p.m.) and the Canadian Open Figure
Skating Championship (Wednesday, TNT, 8 p.m.).


Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
HBO 10 PM A few years back trading-card companies began
inserting rare, often autographed cards--called chase cards--in
random packs and publishing on the wrappers the odds of
obtaining them. In the most provocative of tonight's four
segments, Bernard Goldberg examines the idea that has led
critics to equate chase-card hunting with legalized gambling for
minors. "Cardboard crack," says Alan Hock, an attorney who has
literally made a federal case of the matter, "is what a lot of
people are calling trading cards." Also featured: an SI/Real
Sports profile of fast-rising Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

Friday 12/17

Lakers at Timberwolves
TNT 8 PM The targeted center visits the Target Center. Los
Angeles's Shaquille O'Neal, who seems to have a bull's-eye on
his chest and does have a former Bull's eye on his game, has
absorbed more abuse this season than the nightly right-wing
guest on Politically Incorrect. Blossoming into an MVP favorite
under Phil Jackson's coaching, Shaq should get haq'd less often
now that penetrating guard Kobe Bryant has returned to the
Lakers' lineup after sitting out the season's first 15 games
with a broken right hand.



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Coyotes at Flyers
ESPN2 7:30 PM Somebody once told me/The world is gonna roll
me.... Befitting the lyrics from the pop hit All Star by Smash
Mouth, Phoenix center Jeremy Roenick (above) had his mouth
smashed last April by Dallas tough guy Derian Hatcher. Roenick
suffered a broken jaw. Hey, now, you're an All Star/Get your
game on, go play. This season Roenick, a five-time All-Star, has
given the Coyotes offensive bite, scoring hat tricks in
consecutive games last month and leading Phoenix, the NHL's
second-highest-scoring team (3.3 goals per game through Sunday),
to the league's best record (17-7-3) and the Pacific Division
lead. Only shooting stars break the mold.

the zapper

In the spirit of Sunday's VH-1 Fashion Awards, we dole out our
year-end Dapper Zapper Awards. Best Dressed On-Air Talent:
Harold Reynolds, ESPN. Hippest Hairdo: the dreadlock, as sported
by heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, NFL No. 1 draft pick Ricky
Williams and probable NFL Rookie of the Year Edgerrin James.
Worst New Uniforms: Oregon's garish green-and-yellow football
outfits that make you think, Do I want condiments on my weiner?
(Love the space-age helmets, though.) Most Popular Gridiron
Accessory: the under-the-helmet stocking cap. Best Use of
Draperies: the U.S. Ryder Cup team's shirts. Loudest Fashion
Statement: Brandi Chastain's sports bra.